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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

West Coast Sikhi Camp - Finally! A place where Sikh youth can meet, hang out, have fun, ask questions, and discuss openly what’s on their mind about Sikhism!

What are your plans for the Holiday Break? Want to meet new people, take part in fun activities, increase your Sikh knowledge, and discuss the essence of Sikh religion openly with others? If so, then take part in the inner “Awakening” and come and join the first ever West Coast Sikhi Camp hosted in Central Valley, California. Camp will be held in safe, beautiful and rare atmosphere.

Fun activities include: horse riding, paint-balling, informative group-discussions, kirtan/naam simran, sport activities (soccer/golf/volleyball/others), team challenges, Sikh martial arts exhibition, intense military training course and outings to recreational events.

Guest speakers not only from California but from all parts of the world, including the United Kingdom (England), will be discussing the essence of Sikhi!

West Coast Sikhi Camp 2009 will run from December 23 through December 26, 2009. Camp is open to ages 13 – 19.

Fee of entrance: $50 with early bird registration discount of $15. Spaces are limited so register as soon as possible. All registrations submitted before December 01, 2009 only have to pay $35.

To register and acquire more information on camp visit www.wcsikhicamp.com

Voice: (559) 697-3387
Fax: (800) 459-7106
Email: contact@wcsikhicamp.com
West Coast Sikhi Camp
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